prom dresses ▪ formal prom dresses ▪ prom dress ▪ prom dresses online

prom dresses ▪ formal prom dresses ▪ prom dress ▪ prom dresses online

prom dresses ▪ formal prom dresses ▪ prom dress ▪ prom dresses online

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prom dresses ▪ formal prom dresses ▪ prom dress ▪ prom dresses online

Prom Dresses ▪ Formal Prom Dresses ▪ Prom Dress ▪ Prom Dresses Online

Prom Dresses ▪ Formal Prom Dresses ▪Prom Dress ▪ Prom Dresses Online ▪ Best Prom Dresses

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prom dresses ▪ formal prom dresses ▪ prom dress ▪ prom dresses online

Cost of Prom

While every prom varies, you should expect that the night not be cheap. However, that doesn't mean that it is going to cost you a fortune. Remember that it is very possible to have the time of your life at the prom on a budget. So when money stresses you out, remind yourself that this is your prom night and you make it what it is - so make it special. If you end up spending more than expected for the prom, that is okay, because it will be worth it. The best way to save money is to plan ahead and investigate all your options before making a decision. The following is a list of approximate costs you will incur prior to prom night:

Prom Dresses: $75-$400

Prom dresses today are not cheap, especially when you are looking for a prom dress of quality. Don't forget that this night only happens once and you will have the pictures to remember it by forever, so you want to look your best. It is important to shop early for prom dresses and look for deals.

Prom Dresses accessories: $100-$200

Prom dresses accessories can be pretty pricey, especially when you have to purchase new shoes and a purse. If you wear the same size shoe as a friend, try to exchange shoes for the evening; she just might have the perfect pair of shoes to match your dress. Don't forget to budget your money for prom dresses and jewelry like earrings, a necklace, and headpiece.

Prom Tickets: $45-$200

Many people now go stag to a prom, which is a good way to save money, but if you are paying for a date, the tickets can be pricey. Remember that the prom tickets pay for an elegant romantic location, DJ's so you can dance through the evening, and sometimes a dinner. All that added up might be expensive if you had to pay for it all on your own. If your prom ticket does not include dinner, remember to make restaurant reservations.

Prom Transportation: $5-$400

More and more people are driving to prom themselves and only have to pay for gas. But a lot of people like to take the more elegant and relaxing route, by limo. The more people you have to rent a limo and go to the prom, the cheaper the prom will cost. So, round up a group and make a reservation.

Boutonniere: $10-$20

This is usually an easy task that adds a personal touch to the evening. The boutonniere is typically a single flower with baby's breath. All you need to do is go to a local grocery store or flower shop and tell them that you will need a boutonniere on the day of prom. Try to coordinate with your date so that your flowers match - or at least match the color of his tux/tie.

Prom Makeup: $35-$50

The best thing to do is to make an appointment with a department store cosmetologist. You can usually get someone to apply your make up for FREE. When choosing who should do your makeup, try to match your personal taste with their style (see if you like the make up they applied on themselves). And make sure to communicate with that person what "you" like. Once the make up is applied, you should consider purchasing some of the prom make up so you can reapply it or do touch ups later on that evening. Getting your make up done should be one of the last things you do, right before putting on the dress. And don't forget to wear a button down shirt when getting your makeup done--you don't want to mess up all of that work.

Prom Hair: $35-$60

The price all depends on the style and time it is going to take. Make sure you know what you want and that the stylist can do the style. Just in case you don't like your hair, you should have a back up plan in mind.

Prom Nails: $15-$25

This is a really nice way to pamper yourself and relieve some of that prom stress. Get your nails done the evening before, as this will save you time the day of, and they will still look fresh. If you are wearing open-toed shoes, don't forget to get a matching pedicure.

Prom Photographs: $45-$150

When preparing for prom, you have to remember to make time to take professional pictures. Although these pictures are expensive, you will be so glad you got them. Just about everyone purchases professional picture packages at prom and they are more than worth it, so have fun posing in front of the camera. Even thought you pay for pictures you should bring a disposable camera for those random candid prom moments - they will be fun to look back on.

Purchasing a Prom Dress

To figure out your prom dress style and what is available, it is a good idea to skim through magazines. Decide whether you want to go long or short with your prom dress, and think about the prom dresses styles you know look good on you (i.e.: tub top dresses, pattern...). Get some good ideas before you go through the effort of trying on prom dresses. Go shopping early enough so that you have enough time to look around for prom dresses and not be stressed out. Consider trying on a couple prom dresses you don't necessarily think you will like - you never know - what doesn't look good on the hanger can sometimes do wonders.

Finding a prom dress can be a tedious task, so give your self plenty of time. A popular place to purchase prom dresses is over the Internet. Purchasing prom dresses online will save you a lot of time in the mall. It gives you more opportunity to find a prom dress that fits your style. It's also a great way to get a prom dress that no one else has - one that is unique, and you will have less chance of someone else having the same prom dress. If you order a prom dress online or from a magazine, make sure you allow enough time to receive the prom dress, and to try it on for fit. Allow some time for alterations, as well, should alterations be required.

When purchasing a prom dress online make sure you understand the relevant return policies.

This Seasons Prom Dresses Styles

This season you have thousands of options. When trying on prom dresses keep in mind that ball gowns, flowers, hem lines, bright colors, ruffles, and beads are the styles to go for. Prom dresses that are black and white are also big this season, as is any prom dress that is strapless or asymmetrical. This is your one night to express your self, so don't go unnoticed.

Lift your hair off your shoulders and expose a sexy neckline. Be even more daring by trying this style without a necklace. If you are set on wearing a necklace, go for a retro look. Jewelry that is big and recognizable will be popular this season.

With her hair pulled up, Halle Berry was glamorous in a full dress with a sheer top. Her high neckline and featured flower pattern looked great. Her skirt was gathered at the side waist for a memorable look. While Britney Spears went for the mermaid princess look in a multi-colored rhinestone gown that was figure flattering.

Prom Accessories to Have

A matching prom dress sheer shawl will serve as a great lightweight accessory that will be a beautiful accent. Try draping the prom dress shawl around your upper arms for a flirtatious look.

Prom Hand bags this season are handcrafted with bead ornate. A cute little purse will carry all the essentials and will be a perfect touch to complete your look.

Prom Transportation

Driving yourself to the prom gives you the freedom to come and go as you please. Taking a limousine to a prom is a good idea if you are going in a big group. The bigger the group, the less expensive the limo is per person. If you plan on going in a limo, get on the reservation, as they are limited during prom season.

In the last few years a popular transportation idea is to take a "party bus" to prom. This is like going in a limo except that even more people can all go together, which means that you can save more money. Organize the whole class to rent a few party busses (depending on how many people are in your class) and everyone can have fun together before and after the prom. Prom dresses

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